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    Average EUR/USD spread hits a record once again: 0.16 pips!

    Today, during European session, Dukascopy average EUR/USD spread has been as low as never before: 0.16 pips. This is a result of Dukascopy's continuous commitment to providing the best conditions to the clients.

    Take a look at the history of Dukascopy average EUR/USD spreads decreasing during the European trading session:

    October 2012 - 0.57 pips
    January 2013 - 0.51 pips
    February 2013 - 0.46 pips
    March 2013 - 0.36 pips
    June 2013 - 0.26 pips
    January 2014 - 0.20 pips
    February 2014 - 0.19 pips
    August 2016 - 0.16 pips

    Today Dukascopy traders benefit from the best EUR/USD spreads in the industry: 46.1% of quoted prices during European session have the spread of 0.1 pips, 44.7% have the spread of 0.2 pips.

    We express our gratitude to all our partners, clients and employees with whose support we were able to create best environments in the FX industry.

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