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SYY – Sysco Corp
SYY, D1 Buy Profit: 3 pips RoR: 5%

After 15% jump in early November SYY – Sysco Corp has been consolidation over the last four weeks period until today when the stock broke resistance and thus confirmed new momentum with short term target projection in the 56 area.

0 3
COST – Costco Wholesale Corp
COST, D1 Buy Profit: -252 pips RoR: -98%

COST – Costco Wholesale Corp is looking poised for an upside reversal after more then three months of a sideways consolidation. The stock reached technical resistance in the 153.5 area a break of which could accelerate prices toward 157.5 area.

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Communications Sales & Leasing
CSAL, D1 Buy Profit: -3 pips RoR: -3%

CSAL breached the horizontal resistance line on rising RSI and continues to trend higher. Also, the stock just breached the 20 MA line in a bullish manner, suggesting the continuation of the uptrend. The protective stop for CSAL is put below the 20 MA line, while the target lies at the 50 MA line.

0 3
StoneMor Partners
STON, D1 Buy Profit: -26 pips RoR: -34%

STON formed a double bottom pattern after a serious drop. RSI rebounded from deeply oversold levels and looks ready to break to local highs. The protective stop for STON is put below the second bottom, while the target lies at the next horizontal resistance line.

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SPLS, D1 Buy Profit: -2 pips RoR: -5%

SPLS breached the horizontal resistance line and continues to trend higher on rising RSI. Previously, the 20 MA line breached the 50 MA line in a bullish manner, suggesting the continuation of the current trend. The protective stop for SPLS is put below the recent correction, while the target lies at the next horizontal resistance line.

0 3
OVAS, D1 Sell Profit: 10 pips RoR: 23%

OVAS breached the horizontal support line after a small consolidation and continues to trend down. The attempt to rebound was stopped by the 20 MA line, which now serves as resistance for the stock. The protective stop for OVAS is put above the 20 MA line, while the target lies at new yearly lows for the stock.

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Chris Lau 1876 645
Cybersecurity Stock out of Favor
IMPV, H4 Sell Profit: -40 pips RoR: -4%

Cyber security stocks are like gun stocks: one moment they are hot when defense and prevention is on people’s mind. After that, interest fades. Add Imperva to that list. The stock is on a long-term decline on the stock market. Rumors Cisco, Akamai and a few others IMPV drove the stock to unsustainable levels. Even after its drop, the stock trades at 4.6x sales and a forward P/E of ~200x! Finding a buyer likely distracted Imperva, but now the company may focus on the business. That includes restructuring. In the third quarter, sales weakened. Near-term, the outlook is poor. Consider this stock at lower prices. Until the company proves it will take advantage of higher customer security spending, avoid this company.

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Chris Lau 1876 645
Och-Ziff Has One Big Unknown
OZM, H4 Sell Profit: -4 pips RoR: -4%

Och-Ziff is testing new lows. The trailing dividend yield is 5.23%, but there is a dark cloud overhanging the stock: the SEC and DOJ are investigating the firm’s Libyan government-run investment business, which was accused of violating anti-bribery laws. On November 2, the company warned during its quarterly report that the bribery scandal is driving redemptions. The company suspended dividends, citing the need to pay $412M to resolve federal probes. Downside to $2.70.

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EURJPY, H4 Forecast

There is a probability of the pair correction to 121.80 and 121.10.

0 11
Maks 241 37
GBPUSD, H4 Forecast

По фунту пока коррекция от роста , упираемся в уровень где можем получить отбой , пробой отправит к 2600, а там уже будет видно на рост пойдем или на падение.

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Hecla Mining Is A Value Buy
HL, H4 Buy Profit: 12 pips RoR: 26%

Hecla Mining has been largely sideways in the recent past even as precious metals witness depressed sentiments. In my view, current levels are attractive for medium-term exposure. Hecla Mining reported strong 3Q16 numbers and the company's production outlook is also robust. This will support stock upside once gold and silver recover from depressed levels. While in the near-term, I believe that silver is likely to remain sideways to lower, I remain bullish in the medium to long-term for sustained upside.

0 14
Upside Momentum To Sustain For Fedex
FDX, H4 Buy Profit: 294 pips RoR: 54%

Fedex corporation has surged in the recent past and I expect more rally for the stock in the coming weeks. With strong holiday season sales, I expect meaningful increase in shipments that will deliver strong numbers for Fedex in the coming quarter.

0 14
Bullish On Atwood Oceanics In Near-Term
ATW, H4 Buy Profit: 14 pips RoR: 16%

While I maintain a cautious outlook on Atwood Oceanics for the medium-term, I am bullish on upside in the near-term. The first reason to be bullish on Atwood Oceanics is my view that oil upside is likely to sustain and this will translate into positive sentiments for the offshore drilling industry. The second reason to be bullish on Atwood Oceanics is the news that the company has been successful in delaying the delivery of new rigs by 2 years. Amidst these positives, the concern is renewal of existing rig contracts and potential day rates.

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Mastercard Will Trend Higher
MA, H4 Buy Profit: 309 pips RoR: 101%

Mastercard has been sideways to lower in the recent past after a big rally. I believe this is a good time to accumulate the stock for more upside in the next few months. Mastercard announced a new $4 billion share repurchase program in addition to $1.3 billion in share repurchase that is still due. Further, the company increased quarterly dividend by 16% and I believe that these value creation initiatives will take the stock higher. In relatively uncertain times from an economic perspective, Mastercard is a good bet with the company having excellent fundamentals with robust cash generation being a key factor.

0 17
CAR – Avis Budget Group
CAR, D1 Buy Profit: 21 pips RoR: 12%

After a period of consolidation CAR – Avis Budget Group broke out of a bullish pennant and begin new momentum which could send prices toward the 44 area within the next 5-15 trading days. Initial stop loss 39.10.

0 24
Conn's, Inc. (CONN)
CONN, D1 Buy Profit: 30 pips RoR: 50%

Conn's, Inc. (CONN) reported its fiscal third-quarter financial results before the markets opened and the stock price jumped more then 10%. From technical perspective it broke resistance in the 12 area and reversed trend. Initial target 14.50 area.

0 22
Chris Lau 1876 645
Liberty Interactive: Range-bound
LVNTA, H4 Sell Profit: -120 pips RoR: -30%

Liberty Ventures tested $40.00, only to fall to $37.51. It is now trading at a 7.7x P/E (and 39x forward P/E). The company just completed a split of Liberty Expedia Holdings (LEXEA). Malone’s holdings of QVCA, LVNTA, and others are complex. The market’s lack of understanding for these units leads to the discount in their valuations. LVNTA appears rangebound. Wait for the stock to re-test lows in the $33-35 level before committing to a position.

0 20
Chris Lau 1876 645
Trading Volumes Pick up on Ophthotech
OPHT, H4 Buy Profit: -373 pips RoR: -51%

Ophthotech reported another quarterly loss on revenue of just $1.67M/ Potential catalyst: the Wet AMD (macular degeneration) drug developer will report Phase 3 results for its leading Fovista drug this month. OPHT’s chart shows how nervous investors are with this stock. The stock could move either way, depending on results coming out this month. Conservative investors should wait for the results to come in first and pay the premium. Range: $31 downside / $48 upside

0 30
NewLink Genetics
NLNK, D1 Buy Profit: -81 pips RoR: -94%

NLNK formed a double bottom pattern after the recent correction. RSI also started to rebound from its support level. Also, NLNK breached the high end of the local downside channel. The protective stop for NLNK is put below the low of the recent bottom, while the target lies at the 20 MA line.

0 17
Insteel Industries
IIIN, D1 Sell Profit: 18 pips RoR: 11%

IIIN breached the horizontal support line and looks ready to cover the previous gap. RSI already started to fall from oversold levels. The protective stop for IIIN is put above the high of the recent consolidation, while the target lies at the 20 MA line.

0 23
COTY, D1 Buy Profit: 24 pips RoR: 38%

COTY reached the target of the previous short idea and now looks ready to rebound from a double bottom pattern. The horizontal support line held well, signaling the potential for upside correction. The protective stop for COTY is put below the low of the recent bottom, while the target lies at the 20 MA line.

0 25

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Мы знаем, что успешная торговля на валютном рынке напрямую зависит от правильно выполненного технического анализа. Помимо получения информации из аналитических обзоров, представленных на нашем сайте форекс-брокерами, вы можете самостоятельно проанализировать ситуацию на рынке и в этом вам поможет график форекс показывающий данные в реальном времени, который включает в себя самые популярные и проверенные средства для технического анализа.

Японские свечи

Это один из самых распространённых видов графического отображения котировок. С помощью свечей вы можете отслеживать движение цены за определённый период времени, что позволит вам определить общее настроение рынка и предсказать возможные варианты его развития в будущем. "Медвежьи" свечи на графике обозначены оранжевым цветом, а "бычьи"– зелёным. Также на графике присутствуют два индикатора: полосы Боллинджера и объёмы.

Индикатор RSI

Второй раздел занимает индикатор RSI (Relative Strength Index – Индекс относительной силы). Он представляет собой следующий за ценой осциллятор, который может колебаться в интервале значений от 0 до 100. Длина временного интервала, по совету создателя индикатора, равна 14. С помощью данного индикатора вы сможете определить как силу текущего тренда на рынке Форекс, так и возможные точки его разворота.

Индикатор MACD

В самом нижнем разделе находится трендовый индикатор MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence – Схождение/расхождение скользящих средних). Помимо анализа текущего тренда, данный индикатор поможет установить направление и потенциальную силу движения цены, а также возможность разворота тренда. Гистограмма на графике обозначена чёрными барами, сигнальная линия – зелёная, MACD – красная.

В разделе по умолчанию отображается график евро-доллар, но вы можете изменить его на другой валютный инструмент или металлы. Мы надеемся, что бесплатные онлайн графики валютных пар на GuruTrade поможет вам осуществить точный и эффективный технический анализ, обеспечив в будущем получение прибыли."