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CXW buy&hold
CXW, H4 Buy Profit: -37 pips RoR: -8%

Corrections Corporation of America Financial REIT - Diversified Inst Own 91,30% Short Float 6,93% With US Government thinking about no longer using private prisons, Corrections Corporation of America stocks went down drastically, from $33 to $13. However, during 3 trading sessions the company managed to partly recover and reach $18-$20. In our opinion, the fact US government refused to continue using private prisons boosted, quite ironically, the development of those, which in its turn attracted capital flows into the industry, including US Government contracts. The thing is that the government points out the lack of reliability of such institutions. To be more reliable and provide the prisoners with better conditions, private prisons may need more money, which they may want to raise from governmental contracts. Anyway, for us, investors, it's high time to go long. На новостях о начале рассмотрения правительством США первой фазы отказа от услуг частных исправительных учреждений акции компании Corrections Corporation of America резко упали с цены 33$ до 13$ за акцию, но потом за 3 торговые сессии вышли к уровню 18-20$. На наш взгляд, рассмотрение вопроса об отказе от частных тюрем ознаменует, как ни парадоксально, новый виток развития такого рода учреждений и вливание новых капиталов в отрасль, включая новые контракты от правительства Соединенных Штатов. Дело в том, что "краеугольным камнем" в данном вопросе является недостаточная надёжность подобных организаций, и частные компании вполне могут пролоббировать повышение стоимости контрактов от правительства, убедив, что для обеспечения требуемых условий содержания заключённых денег нужно больше. Итак - "лонг, лонг, лонг".

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HWAY intraweek Short
HWAY, H4 Sell Profit: -5 pips RoR: -3%

Healthways, Inc. Healthcare Specialized Health Services Inst Own 93.40% Short Float 6.10% Healthways, Inc. skyrocketed Aug 10 after a positive earnings report, jumping up 18% and reaching $26 per share. Despite the report being really strong, it looks like the investors are already very happy with $12 per share profit, and the stock has not been so much attractive for buying for four trading sessions in a row. That's why we will be shorting HWAY today at $25-$26, with a stop loss near $27 and a profit target around $17-$18. 10 августа на отчёте акции Healthways, Inc. "взлетели" на 18%, после чего продолжили свой безудержный рост до отметки в 25-26$ за акцию. Отчет действительно был достойный, но вот профита в 12$ на акцию инвесторам, видимо, волне достаточно, и уже четвёртую сессию подряд на довольно сильном рынке стак более дорого никто покупать не желает. Сегодня мы будем набирать шортовую позицию в HWAY в диапазоне 25-26$ за акцию со стопом у уровня 27$ и целью около 17-18$ за акцию.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Sell Mobileiron as BlackBerry Takes its Market
MOBL, H4 Sell Profit: -3 pips RoR: -3%

Stronger trading volume and falling stock price make for a bad combination. Mobileiron's precipitous drop is due to the company's poor management and market share loss to BlackBerry. MOBL lost $0.14/sh in the last quarter. Revenue of $38.88M (+11.9% Y/Y) shows business is better than last year, but sales volume is just too small. MOBL has no scale and the MDM market is highly competitive. Avoid.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
A10 Networks: $7 or $11?
ATEN, H4 Sell Profit: 7 pips RoR: 4%

A10 is up on the positive product cycle. Its second quarter beat estimates. With its platform on the cloud, the company has a solid secure solution. The majority of sales comes from service provider revenue. Recurring and profit margins are high. Without revenue looking to ramp up, this stock may peak at $10.50 - $11.50. A pullback to $7 - 8 is possible, but that needs a market correcting as a whole.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Buy the Verisign Value Dip
VRSN, H4 Buy Profit: -92 pips RoR: -18%

Verisign dipped on no fundamental change. Its domain name cash cow business is fundamental to the stock’s valuation. The balance sheet is strong: It has $1.9 billion in cash ($17.56 per share). Other than Q3 weakness in domain name registry, the rebound will happen into 2H and 2017. Next year, the annual wholesale fee for a domain name registration will increase from $7.46 to $8.20.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Good Timing for Taser
TASR, H4 Buy Profit: -33 pips RoR: -5%

TASR's in the zone right now. It reported a big revenue beat. News that police need Taser’s product are positive catalysts for the stock. Highlights: Axon segment revenues grew 49% year-over-year. Weapon segment revenue grew 20% year-over-year driven by an increase in both weapon and cartridge unit sales. Taser shipped 10,000 cameras in July. Backlog is healthy. Prefer buying on the dip, but heightened violence in the U.S. will drive sales higher.

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Валютная пара GBP/JPY
GBPJPY, D1 Forecast

Валютная пара GBP/JPY торгуется выше пивот уровня индикаторы и скользящие средние указывают на рост пары.

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AUDUSD, D1 Forecast

A real breakout of the level of 0.7600 is able to lower AUDUSD to 0.7500.

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Swing trade setup
GBPJPY, H4 Forecast

For swing trade next covering can be at 133.00 (end of wave C) Reload long at 132.30 after (end of wave D) Any questions Skype ID madivan1ca

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Royal Bank of Canada (RY)
RY, D1 Buy Profit: -13 pips RoR: -15%

Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is trading at new 52 week high after it break key resistance in the 63 area in early trading. The stock is likely to accelerate to the upside in a parabolic chart formation and could reach its next resistance in the 66 area .

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Mosaic Company (MOS)
MOS, D1 Buy Profit: -91 pips RoR: -89%

Mosaic Company (MOS) is positioned for a possible upside reversal after trending sideways since March of this year. The stock reached lateral resistance in the 29.5 area which it has tested four times over the last 5 months and needs to break it for reversal. If breakout occurs watch for a momentum toward 32 area.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Avis Budget Has Seasonal Strength
CAR, H4 Sell Profit: 104 pips RoR: 21%

Avis is benefitting from the seasonal strength in summer travel. Without any expectations for weaker demand, a buyback program of $350 - $400M in shares, a slight decline in FCF, Avis’ should give investors a steady return. Entry price: $30 - $35

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Antero Resources a Strong Natural Gas Player
AR, H4 Buy Profit: -20 pips RoR: -8%

Antero Resources (AR) is a natural gas firm. The company earned $0.14/share in the second quarter on revenue of $727.9M (up $27% YY). Both beat consensus estimates. Antero makes money in the NG/NGL space. It realized an all-in price of $3.95 per Mcfe including NGLs, oil, and hedges, despite the lowest average NYMEX natural gas price recorded for any quarter since 1999 at $1.95 per Mcf. Latest share sale: 26.8 million shares of common stock for net proceeds of $753 million (combined $838 million of net proceeds) Ample cash and upside play in NG market.

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EURUSD, H4 Forecast

If the rate reduces below 1.1233 it would be a bad signal for buyers.

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Glel 9 1
Продаю весь рост.
EURUSD, H4 Forecast

Максимально рост курса рассматриваю к 1.1400. Весь рост пока продаю.

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Bullish On Alcoa
AA, H4 Buy Profit: -26 pips RoR: -20%

Alcoa has been trending higher in the last few months and I expect the positive momentum to sustain for the stock. With improvement in aluminum prices, there are reasons to be bullish from a fundamental perspective. I also believe that emerging markets have bottomed out from growth perspective and I see better times ahead. Alcoa has strong support around $9 levels and on the upside, the stock can potentially trend higher by 15% to 20% in the medium-term.

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Kinder Morgan Likely To Trend Higher
KMI, H4 Buy Profit: -12 pips RoR: -6%

Kinder Morgan has been in an uptrend and even as the company's revenue missed estimates, the stock moment has remained bullish with EPS meeting estimates. Further, the company's dividend payout seems sustainable and is another factor to be positive along with the recent upgrade on the stock.

0 29
Remain Bullish On Marathon Oil
MRO, H4 Buy Profit: 38 pips RoR: 33%

Marathon Oil was smoothly trending higher along with relative firming of oil prices coupled with the company having robust financial flexibility. However, the upside has been interrupted by unexpected changes in the top management. Two executives (including CFO) are expected to leave. While this news has created short-term jitters, I see this as a good medium-term accumulation opportunity as strong fundamental are likely to sustain for the company.

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Remain Bearish On Seadrill
SDRL, H4 Sell Profit: 7 pips RoR: 37%

Seadrill has witnessed sideways movement for a sustained period and I expect downside from current levels than any expectation of upside. While Seadrill's results are round the corner, it is unlikely that it will spring any positive surprises. On the negative, recent news of contract termination underscores continued market challenges. Further, oil has failed to sustain rally and go above $50 per barrel, which would have been positive for offshore drillers.

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Achillion Pharmaceuticals (ACHN)
ACHN, D1 Buy Profit: -32 pips RoR: -91%

Achillion Pharmaceuticals (ACHN), which has been consolidating last 2 months in a symmetrical triangle pattern with upper and lower trend lines narrowing toward 9.00 area broke resistance today in early trading and continue in a strong momentum toward the upper bollinger band thus confirming start of a new up wave. Target for the short term period is 9.80 area.

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Chris Lau 1324 484
Fabrinet has 20 percent Upside
FN, H4 Buy Profit: -71 pips RoR: -15%

Fabrinet traded as high as $45 after reporting quarterly results. Then, It dropped back to $40. The stock’s P/E is “just” 26.6x and a forward P/E is 15.8x. The metrics tell investors the stock has tremendous growth ahead. In the fiscal Q4, Fabrinet reported revenue growing 33.9% ($276.4M). It earned $0.60 per share. Fabrinet crushed expectations, due largely to strong demand from new customer programs. The industry’s positive trends benefit this company. Investors are paying for FN exceeding strong demand for the Silicon photonics product. Management said: “We believe we are in a growth cycle for the optical market and we expect these positive trends to continue.

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В самом нижнем разделе находится трендовый индикатор MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence – Схождение/расхождение скользящих средних). Помимо анализа текущего тренда, данный индикатор поможет установить направление и потенциальную силу движения цены, а также возможность разворота тренда. Гистограмма на графике обозначена чёрными барами, сигнальная линия – зелёная, MACD – красная.

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